Ceramic Clear Coat – How To Spray Waterborne Base and Ceramic Clear Coat


Waterborne Base Coat – In this video I am demonstrating how to apply Envirobase waterborne base coat by PPG. As explained in the video, the difference spraying techniques include: 75% overlap, drying, and using a control coat.

Waterborne can be applied much faster than solvent. Once the base coat has dried to a matte allowing the water to evaporate, the next coat can be applied.

Ceramic clear is being used on high end cars from the manufacture. I am not sure what all cars are using this type of clear coat, but I know Mercedes uses it. This brings a couple of challenges to the auto body shops. The first is sanding the original clear coat, as it is much harder to sand. 3M has designed sandpaper that will help make this job easier. The other thing to consider is applying a clear that restores the car back to it’s pre-accident condition. Therefore, a ceramic clear coat is needed for the car. PPG has a ceramic clear coating, CeramiClear DC 4125, that I experimented with in this video. The clear coat is supposed to be mar resistant and harder than traditional clear coats. When applying the ceramic clear, I found it to spray and flow out well. In fact, I think it sprays better than many of the other clear coats that PPG offers. 

Click Here to read the full article and watch the video. 


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